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“Study the science of art. Study the art of science. Develop your senses — especially learn how to see. Realize that everything connects to everything else.”

— Leonardo Da Vinci


   I’ve explored many of the arts in my life-long creative journey. Along the way I’ve discovered that I like to create in several different mediums, using a multitude of tools and in no particular style. Not specializing has it’s problems, on the other hand, staying open to new ways of creating and not getting stuck in a rut has its advantages too. Regardless of what I’m working on, it is the act of creating and solving all the inherent problems of creation that I enjoy. I like creating, simply to create. Below are the things I like to do.


Design is the glue that holds all of these other disciplines together.


Creating moving and still images is an obsession that will never stop challenging me.


Directing for me is the act of communicating honestly and concisely to bring an idea to life.


Writing is like drawing, put the pencil on the paper and see where it leads you.

“Morgan is a great creative partner through all phases of production and design. Great ability to brainstorm in the early concept inception phases and then solid experience in production applications all the way to final. Another great ability is to scale production process and problem solve and adjust on the fly when changes arise. I highly recommend Morgan and Circle 5 for a full spectrum of visual and creative styles, and always top level premium fidelity.” Jules Mann

Creative Director, NVIDIA



I’ve been a student of cinematography and camera operating for about five years now. I have always been amazed by the great cinematographers and their ability to move a story through images. The cinematographers that have inspired me the most are: Gordan Willis Jr., ASC, for bringing dark into the light, Roger Deakins, BSC & ASC, for his realism and “I’m not technical” approach, Dan Lausten, ASC, for his ability to take a small budget and create beautiful big budget looks, and Natalie Kingston for the moods and gorgeous compositions she creates. The ASC itself has been a huge inspiration as well, along with American Cinematographer Magazine. I’m just scratching the surface with my work, finding my way, and I plan to continue to learn and progress for many years to come. Maybe I can inspire somebody to pick up a camera one day.


On a summer day in 1976, I walked a half mile to the Huntington Theater to see a movie, I was five years old. Steven Spielberg’s Jaws (1975) and John Guillermin’s King Kong (1976) were the double feature on the marquee. I paid my two bucks and walked in, so much for “PG”. Those movies and monsters terrified and amazed me, and I loved them for it. I went back and watched that double feature every week it ran. I had no idea at the time, but I had just witnessed a revolutionary transfiguration in film making. The birth of the Blockbuster had begun. Innovation and great original story telling was in full bloom. A very exciting time in film compared to today’s regurgitative era of “sequels.” Star Wars came out the next year adding fuel to the fire. I watched “the force” come alive, wide-eyed, from the back of my mom’s 75′ Ford Pinto. My mind was officially blown that night at the Fountain Valley drive-in. I’ve been fascinated with movies and movie making ever since.



I began editing after shooting my first music video. The director/editor quit and left the artist and myself with the task of making the video. I learned a lot on that project about the subtleties of the cut, color grading and the emotional effects they can have. I have since built a state of the art editing/color grading station capable of HD-8K editing, HDR and VFX, complete with client viewing screen.


I picked up my first real camera in 1998. In 2000, I brought that camera on a surf trip to Bali & Australia. On that trip I would shoot my first real photographs on Fujichrome Velvia 50 slide film. I’ve been hooked ever since. After Bali, I bought a Nikon F100, I liked that camera. I shot with it for a few years before getting a Nikon D1X. Now, I only shoot digital. I still love to shoot film but tend to stick to digital mostly these days.


When I did my first skateboard graphic in the early nineties I was amazed that I could actually make money doing something that I enjoyed so much. Back then we actually cut our color separations by hand on rubylith. I have since created hundreds of graphics and illustrations for everything from consumer goods and apparel to fashion magazines. Printmaking, screen-printing and textile design provided a steady stream of creative possibilities and income. It also gave me a comprehensive knowledge of off-set, digital, photographic and screen printing.


I have been designing apparel since 2002. I started out designing Boardshorts at the iconic Rusty Surfboard brand. I have since designed most categories in apparel including wovens, knits, denim and outer wear. In 2011, I created a boardshort business for an off brand clothing company, that business grew from zero to 16 Million dollars in two years under my design and direction. During my six year stint with that company, I designed over 3000 textile prints (like the ones pictured) and over 1400 boardshorts.
I have worked with companies of all types and sizes. Here are a few of my favorites.
The Cinematographer’s Journal
The Cinematographers Journal is new blog in its infancy. As it grows, I hope it can become a general resource and an interesting place to come to find insight and knowledge in regards to cinematography and film making tools and techniques.


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