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     I’ve been creating illustrations, patterns and graphics since 1993. I began in the skateboard industry making graphics for a handful of companies in SF and LA.
     In 2002 I began my career in apparel at Rusty Surfboards. I’ve been designing and creating apparel ever since.


I’ve spent a good part of my life in board shorts so it’s fitting that I should design a few along the way. I have designed for core surf brands like Rusty and Lost. I’ve worked with big-box retailers like Macy’s, Target, Sears, JCP, Kohl’s, Dick’s, CostCo and Ross. With my last line, I created a 16 million dollar board short business in the big-box market.


Art sells clothes, print design has never been more important in the apparel business than it is now. Sublimation, boardshort prints, woven prints, repeats or screenprints, I have made them all. Finding the colors, design and feel that speak to the consumer is the key. It is an art that I have had success with at the retail level.


Trend forecasting is not magic, it is the result of a ton of research, travel and analysis. I have researched the major global markets for fifteen years. After several years of observing these markets, patterns begin to emerge. Once the patterns get identified, it is easy to see what’s next. Trend is history in a way.

     Here are of some of the board-shorts I have made. From initial sketch, to final garment. Working in the core market, my role in board-short design was mainly print design. Moving into the big-box market I took on more responsibilty. Now, I create the line plan, merchandise, work with factories, design, and develop. That process includes working with buyers, designing the prints, creating trims and prototyping.

     Here are some recent woven print designs. I hand draw the print elements. Assemblage of the final print is then done in Photoshop & Illustrator. The prints are 2 to 5 colors and I create the files to be fool-proof for reproduction. There is nothing worse than having to drop a great print because the strike-off comes back bad and time runs out. One of the ways I combat this issue is to index or color separate each print myself. This leaves little room for the factory to make mistakes. I created these prints for WWW.JACKSNY.COM.

     The Tee-Shirt; simple but important. After many years working in apparel, I have a comprehensive knowledge of tee graphics, manufacturing, blanks, custom tees, fabrics, production, screen printing, inks and printing techniques. I have created over 2000 tees since my first commercial design in 1992.

     Mood boards; creative beginnings. I created the boards below for a young mens, summer 2017, swim line I designed and merchandised. Trend, Mood or Vibe boards work as a starting point. They are key for any initial conceptual development. They help my client or design team get on board with what I’m envisioning for the line.

Now, about that project. Once we have a basic outline of your creative goals, I will send you a preliminary quote. Next step is getting your project underway.

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