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     Film making has always intrigued me. Movies were my escape and my training ground for life as a kid. Growing up during the birth of the blockbuster was pretty cool. Since the age of seven, I’ve dreamed about making a movie.
     Five or six years ago I decided to learn more about the process of making films. I have since studied cinematography, directing, screenwriting, and post production. It’s a personal journey that I hope will someday enable me to turn my screenplay, Black Point into a feature film.

REEL 2018

Cinematography. Direct. Edit. Color.



     CES also known as the Consumer Electronics Show is the the biggest electronics showcase in North America. This video was created for the NVIDIA. Jensen Huange, the founder and CEO of NVIDIA used this UHD video during his world wide keynote speech to highlight NVIDIA’S RTX capabilities.


     This fully CG 4K video is a showcase of NVIDIA’s powerful RTX capabilities. I edited and re-engineered the audio on this funny take on the working mans plight within the Empire.

NVIDIA G-SYNC Monitor Video

     This video involves some complex 3-D artistry. It is a showcase for NVIDIA’s super fast G-SYNC monitors. I created, art directed, designed, edited, scored and localized this video. It went out to the global market, in 4K and has had over 500,000 views.

“Can’t Go Home” Music Video

     This is my first music video. I was Cinematographer, Co-Writer and Co-Director. The band is Shape Pitaki. The story is of a young man that becomes lost after a death in his family. He exiles himself until he finds his way home.

NVIDIA Computex Video

     This video is a showcase of NVIDIA’s powerful graphics processors and monitors. I designed the video, edited, scored and delivered in 4K. I also localized for global showcasing.

Tools for your digital film project. 


     I own and operate a Red Digital Cinema camera. This HD through 6K camera is a great option for any type of production. Feature film, Corporate video or anything you can dream up.


      A sensor means nothing without a good piece of glass in front of it. I own a full set of Xeen Prime lenses. Story is everything but it doesn’t hurt to have a nice lens kit to help tell it.


     Color, Edit and Deliver. My state of the art editing bay can handle any project from HD through 8k. With real time client viewing and ultra fast core, knocking out that commercial doesn’t have to be painful.

Now, about that project. Once we have a basic outline of your creative goals, I will send you a preliminary quote. Next step is getting your project underway.

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