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Art Director

“Morgan is a great creative partner through all phases of design and production. Great ability to brainstorm in the early concept inception phases and then solid experience in production applications all the way to final delivery. Another great ability is to scale production process, problem solve and adjust on the fly when changes arise. I highly recommend Morgan for a full spectrum of visual styles, and always top level premium fidelity.”

Jules Mann- Creative Director at NVIDIA

Morgan Ghan

Morgan Ghan

Art Director

    I’m currently seeking creative opportunities with innovative companies. Working with businesses of all sizes and individuals, to solve the gamut of creative problems, is what I like to do. I’m able to work as a one man creative team, manage multiple creative projects, collaborate with in-house teams and assemble specialized remote crews. My services include: Creative & Art Direction across all media. Video Production. 3D Design. Website Design. Graphic Design. Photography. Cinematography.  Apparel Design & Merchandising. Textile Design.      Full list of services.

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